What do we purchase?

Statkraft constantly needs to procure a broad range of products and services.

Purchases vary in size from small components needed to maintain power production to turnkey contracts involving, for example, the design and construction of wind farms and associated infrastructure.

Custom purchases

Custom purchases are purchases of goods and services produced specifically for Statkraft. These types of goods and services often support business-critical processes within the company. Statkraft’s procurement function must therefore devote particular attention and resources to such purchases.

Examples of custom purchases:

  • Production/supply/installation of electrical equipment
  • Production/supply/installation of mechanical equipment
  • Construction work
  • ICT systems
  • Consultancy services
  • Major framework agreements

With regard to custom purchases, the procurement function, working closely with the relevant specialist departments, follows a procedure encompassing several phases.

Purchase of standard goods and services

Standard purchases are purchases of goods and services not produced specifically for Statkraft.

Statkraft’s policy is to make standard purchases in a way that is as effective and economically advantageous for the company as possible. First and foremost, this means as much coordinated purchasing as possible and the effective procurement of goods and services through such measures as framework agreements and electronic catalogues.