How to become a supplier

Statkraft uses the Utilities Nordics & Central Europe (UNCE) qualification scheme. UNCE is an EU-approved qualification scheme and supplier register for the entire Nordic and Central European energy industry.

As a general rule, suppliers who wish to do business with Statkraft must be registered and found qualified in UNCE (previously called Sellihca). To prequalify, contact UNCE.

By qualifying in UNCE, companies will come under consideration as suppliers to Statkraft and other energy companies that make use of the scheme. The energy industry makes purchases worth billions of Norwegian kroner each year.

The UNCE scheme advertises in the EU’s publication OJEU/TED at least once a year. The notice states that Statkraft uses UNCE as its qualification scheme and indicates which product categories are covered.

How to prequalify as a Statkraft supplier

Prequalification – Step 1

To prequalify as a supplier in UNCE (Step 1), a supplier must complete the questionnaire and self-certification forms, and meet certain qualification requirements:

  • The company must be a legally established entity (certificate of registration).
  • The company must not be in arrears with regard to taxes and public charges, must not be engaged in debt settlement proceedings or be in the hands of the receivers (auditor’s certificate).
  • The company must have complied with valid national regulations for publication of the previous year’s financial statements/annual report (auditor’s certificate).
  • The company must have (or be planning to introduce) a quality management system (self-certification).
  • The company must have (or be planning to introduce) an HSE management system (self-certification).
  • Based on the information thus provided, the supplier will be prequalified in UNCE. The supplier indicates which product/service categories are relevant.

Prequalification – Step 2

In connection with certain purchases, Statkraft carries out a further short-listing of possible suppliers in order to ensure that they are capable of meeting their contractual obligations. This applies in particular to contracts involving large sums of money, as well as complex purchases that place heavy demands on the supplier’s competence, capacity and experience.

Starting with those suppliers who have prequalified in UNCE(Step 1), Statkraft short-lists suppliers according to a set of objective criteria. These criteria normally relate to one or more of the following main areas:

  • Quality
  • HSE
  • The environment
  • Organisation (People)
  • Capacity (Resources)
  • Experience

The selection of tenderers is based on the same objective criteria.


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